The football program at Central High School has been a major part of the school's 150 years of service to the youth of Omaha.  We have added to that legacy with our state championship in 2007.  The intent to play collegiate football is an expectation at Central High School.  The 2007 team had 8 players sign letters of intent to play college football.  From Hall of Famer, Gale Sayers to future Hall of Famer, Ahman Green, Central High School is know for producing top flight football player and citizens.  

"Omaha Central is a special place. Like many places where contributions to history have occurred, Central reverberates with nostalgic reverence with each creak of the wooden floors. However, unlike many historical venues that may come to mind, history here is still being made. Academically and athletically the story is continuously written and the author of man has yet to reveal a conclusion within our comprehension."